Lines 98

Use Lines 98 classical-based game rules. Even so, we are confident that you will adore its creative and stylish user interface right away!
LINES 98 is a free game that is available online all the time. You don't need to download and install anything on your computer, and being a registered user is not necessary either. Just relax and have fun. Check out the list of comparable games below that you might find interesting.

Landing Party

In the adorable and original puzzle game Landing Party, your goal is to prevent extraterrestrial invasion of Earth. You must line up five of the same kind of aliens to do this. They will successfully teleport back to their planet by doing this. However, you must exercise caution because when positioning them, you must ensure that they can get to their intended location and that no other aliens are in the way. Additionally, aliens periodically teleport, which may prevent you from organizing the field as you had intended. You must block the portal in order to stop an alien from teleporting.

Landing Party will provide you numerous hours of entertainment thanks to its enjoyable and simple rules and fantastic graphics, especially as more and more aliens transfer. Get a high score by preventing the aliens from taking over our planet! Although these aliens may be adorable, they are attacking our world! In this entertaining and difficult sci-fi strategy game, teleport them home.

Halloween Lines Saga

Halloween Lines Saga is a matching game with five identical Halloween-themed objects. To ruin the Halloween decorations, you must create lines that are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal and contain five or more of the same kind. To get out of difficult situations, use the special items (Undo, Sword, and Potion) properly. To access the Lucky Wheel, click the Gift button. Here, you can spin the wheel to win extra things. To receive daily incentives, play the game every day (an extra spin). To get up the leaderboard, try to earn high scores.

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy to play
  • Brain Games and Scary Games

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