Color Lines

There are 81 (9 by 9) cells on the game board.
Game starts with several randomly selected color balls positioned on the board.
Player’s objective is to earn the highest score (no limit).
Points are earned every time when player removes balls from the board.
The more balls are removed, the more points are earned.
To remove balls, player has to set at least five same color balls to lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).
To move a ball, select it first by clicking on it, and then click on a destination cell.
Player can only move a ball if free cells exist between ball’s current location and the destination cell selected.
With every player’s move three new balls will be added to the board, except when player successfully removes a line.
The game ends when all 81 cells on the board are filled up with balls.
Once game is over, player can enter his/her name and see his/her score and ranking on the leaderboard highlighted in yellow.