🎮 How to play

Form a line with five or more balls of the same color. The line might be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Touch and hold the ball, then move to the desired cell.

💡Game Features

Classic Game

Use the Lines 98-inspired game rules. Although it has a fantastic & hip user interface, we are confident you will adore it right away!
Board made of 9x9 tiles.
Seven colored balls. 


Impressive visuals that pique your interest further.
Five additional themes are here for you (black, red, blue, green, wood,...)
With ball speed control, balls will move ever-faster.
Easy and enjoyable to play, difficult to master 

Game Managment

Undo capabilities.
Resuming the previous game.
Save and load many games simultaneously right now!
Leaderboards where you may follow your friends and rivals.
You can submit your top score while playing; you don't have to wait for the game to end any longer.

📚 About The Game

• Almost a perfect replica of the wistful Balls that were included in early Windows systems in the 1990s. Many people would certainly recall the times when the first lightning-fast IBM computers initially came at work! The most well-known and well-liked game at the time, Lines or, as many people nicknamed it, Balls, was played for hours on end by workers while they sat at cutting-edge computers playing games. The built-in Lines 98 (Lines 98) has the advantage of functioning flawlessly on any machine running a Microsoft operating system. Since the game is straightforward and clever, Lines practically doesn't require any computer resources. Here are the guidelines for individuals who didn't witness the dawn of the computer age. Various colored balls start to appear on the playing surface. The object is to position the balls so that chains of five or more identical balls can be constructed either horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. This single-color cluster vanishes from the scene. Remember that if someone is blocking the path to the chosen spot, the ball won't be able to pass there.

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